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Mark Linder is director of sector reputation at lobbyists Bell Pottinger (GeoPolitical). He has also been responsible for corporate development at UK fracking firm Cuadrilla Resources since June 2012, despite Bell having lost the account after February 2014.

Before joining Bell in 2008, Linder worked for WPP, Ogilvy & Mather and KPMG.[1][2].

Admits shale won't bring down energy prices for consumers

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In a House of Commons debate in July 2013 Greens MP Caroline Lucas quoted Linder::

At a meeting for concerned residents at a potential fracking site in West Sussex, a Cuadrilla representative was asked to comment on whether shale gas could drive down customers’ energy bills. Mark Linder, who is responsible for Cuadrilla’s corporate development, said
'We’ve done an analysis and it’s a very small…at the most it’s a very small percentage…basically insignificant'.

She continued:

In the article to which I am referring, a company spokesperson is reported to have said: “Cuadrilla’s never said it… will bring down prices… We don’t think it will bring down prices, although it does have the potential to.” The spokesman went on to stress that shale gas exploitation was about security of supply, rather than price... [3]


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