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Liz Sugg served as of operations under former UK prime minister David Cameron from 2010 to 2016 [1], having worked for him in opposition since 2005. Sugg was described as running his life ‘on the road’. One diplomat said, 'He totally respects Liz’s judgment. She’s got the PM’s ear and uses it wisely.' [2]

Her role involved overseeing the prime minister's visits and trips. [3] In this position, she was on an annual salary of £80,000. [4]

She was awarded a peerage under Cameron's resignation honours list in August 2016, one of 13 other former personal and political aides. [5]


Before moving to a position in managing media for the Conservative European MPs, Sugg worked for Sky News.[6] She later worked for Kenneth Clarke, the Conservative MP for Radcliffe.[7]

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