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Lent Scrivner and Roth is a New York based bipartisan lobbying firm which was established in 2000 through the merger of Democratic lobbyist Alan J Roth with the Republican lobbying firm of Lent and Scrivner[1].


In order to meet their client's needs, the firm offers the following services[2]...

  • 'Counsel and assist clients in devising comprehensive legislative, regulatory, and political strategies to achieve their objectives'.
  • Provide face-to-face introductions, representation, and advocacy before key Members of Congress, their staffs, House and Senate Committees, and Administration officials.
  • 'Draft letters, amendments, hearing testimony, briefing papers and press releases for use in advocating the client's position'.
  • 'Monitor legislation that could favor or damage a client's essential business interests'.
  • 'Offer research, issue analysis, and political assessments'
  • 'Advise and assist with respect to political action committee activity and targeted political involvement'.


In 2008, Lent Scrivner and Roth list their current clients as[3]...

and their former clients as...


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