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Kay Nerstheimer is a newly-elected AfD parliamentarian for Berlin’s eastern Lichtenberg district (September 2016).

Affiliations with German Defence League

On September 21 2016, AfD Chair Georg Pazderski admited that Nerstheimer was a member of the extremist right-wing, anti-Islam group German Defence League. Nerstheimer allegedly ended his activities with the group after it came under surveillance in 2013 by Germany’s domestic security agency. The newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) reported that Nerstheimer’s extremist views did not start nor end with the German Defence League, as he has repeatedly posted Facebook messages glorifying the Nazi time, trivializing the acts of Nazi war criminals, and using certain phrases often espoused by the Third Reich in recent years.The Chair said that the AfD would look into his past and 'find a solution', leader Frauke Petry would not say whether they would consider dismissing him from the party. [1]


On the refugee crisis

In a post dating January 2016, Nerstheimer called the asylum seekers coming to Germany an 'illegal invasion' and referred to refugees as 'the parasites that feed on the juices of the German people'. He has also called Syrian refugees 'simply disgusting vermin'.[1]

On people of colour

He called black people 'Bimbos', which in German is used as an offensive racial epithet. [1]


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