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Sacerdoti on Sky News defending Israel's actions the day after its 2010 raid on the Gaza flotilla

Jonathan Sacerdoti is a Director of the Institute for Middle Eastern Democracy[1] based in the UK and is also registered as a director of a UK branch of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, alongside Marvin Hier - founder and dean of the orginal centre, based in the USA - and others.[2] He has also worked as Director of Public Affairs at the Zionist Federation[3] and is currently a member of the International Division of the Board of Deputies of British Jews. Since August 2014, Sacerdoti has been the spokesperson for the Campaign Against Antisemitism UK.[4]



Sacerdoti studied English Language and Literature at Balliol College, Oxford University.[5]

Jonathan Sacerdoti, LinkedIn profile which fails to mention his roles at the Zionist Federation and the Board of Deputies of British Jews. It was removed just hours after an article mentioning these oversights was published. Screengrab taken 16 November 2012


In 4 May 2010 Sacerdoti reportedly spoke publicly about ‘ways to use Facebook, Twitter and other online resources to advocate for Israel’ at a Zionist Federation Israel advocacy event called 'Talk for Israel'.[6]

On 1 June 2010, the day after nine activists on the Mavi Marmara were killed by the Israeli military, Sacerdoti appeared on Sky News and Al Jazeera defending Israel's actions.[7][8]

On 6 July 2010 Sacerdoti met Israeli President Shimon Peres. He uploaded a picture of himself shaking hands with Peres, with the caption 'Jonathan Sacerdoti, of Her Majesty’s Secret Service’.[9]

On 30 November 2012 Sacerdoti collaborated with Gili Brenner of StandWithUs to make a video for what they called 'Buy Israeli Goods Day', intended to counter the boycott divestment and sanctions campaign against Israel.[10]

On 24 February 2011 he met Ron Prosor, former Israeli ambassador to the UK. A picture of him with Prosor, Gili Brenner of StandWithUs and pro-Israel blogger Chas Newkey-Burden was posted on the latter's website.[11]

On 28 August 2011 Sacerdoti attended and spoke at a pro-Israel rally in Trafalgar Square organised by the British Israel Coalition and supported by StandWithUs.[12]

In July 2012, Sacerdoti was elected to the Board of Deputies of British Jews International Division.[13]

Defending Israel in the media

Appearances on the BBC during Operation 'Pillar of Cloud'

Jonathan Sacerdoti on Al Jazeera on 1 June 2010 defending Israel's attack on the flotilla for the Zionist Federation. He was opposed by another guest, Palestinian Ghada Karmi. Screengrab taken 15 November 2012
Jonathan Sacerdoti on BBC News on 14 November 2012 where as director of the Institute for Middle Eastern Democracy he was given an unchallenged platform to defend Israel's 'Operation Pillar of Cloud'. Screengrab taken 15 November 2012

Sacerdoti appeared on BBC news programmes four times in two days between 14-15 November 2012 and was described as being from the Institute for Middle Eastern Democracy giving the impression that he was a neutral expert on the region. Each time he defended Israel's attacks on Gaza and each time no alternative perspective was given by the BBC.[14]

Campaign Against Antisemitism

The Campaign Against Antisemitism was established in early August 2014 'by half-a-dozen activists and funded by private donations', presenting itself as a response to the higher levels of anti-Israel and allegedly anti-Jewish sentiment triggered by Israel's 'Operation Protective Edge' operation in Gaza.[15] Jonathan Sacerdoti is its spokesperson.[4] On 31 August 2014 the group reportedly organised a march against antisemitism of 4,000 people in Central London, backed by the United Synagogue and the Office of the Chief Rabbi. Said Jonathan Sacerdoti of this backing: 'The establishment was very supportive; some might say they didn’t want to get left behind'.[15] On the day of the protest, he told a reporter,

It is great that the communal organisations who have been criticised for not doing enough have come on board and have supported us in organising an important day.[16]

As Sacerdoti's comment suggests, and as Ha'aretz reports, the Campaign Against Antisemitism is an intervention in Anglo-Jewish politics.[15] Its context appears to be one of increasing grassroots discontent among Jewish and pro-Israel activists with the performance of communal bodies on Israel and antisemitism. As one newspaper reported:

At the rally, there was audible booing when the representatives of the Board of Deputies – President Vivian Wineman and Senior Vice President Laura Marks – ascended the podium to speak. The Jewish Chronicle’s Marcus Dysch tweeted that people were shouting things like 'you need to do more', 'resign', and 'shame'.[17]

Sacerdoti was widely quoted in the media speaking about the 31 August rally. He urged a 'zero tolerance' approach to 'turn the tide' of antisemitism, and claimed British Jews 'feel overlooked and not protected enough'.[18]




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