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Inset Press Limited (Company No.: 01339999) was the name adopted by the RCP publishing company Junius Publications for a brief time between 15 February and 23 July 1984. The name change was undertaken a matter of weeks before the 1984-5 Miners Strike began (it was declared a national strike by Arthur Scargill on 12 March 1984).[1] Junius Publications had been incorporated on 22 November 1977 and was eventually dissolved on 25 January 2000. It was the vehicle for all the publishing activities of the Revolutionary Communist Tendency, Revolutionary Communist Party, Workers Against Racism and Irish Freedom Movement, including Confrontation, The next step and Living Marxism/LM Magazine. Its dissolution came some four years after demise of the RCP in 1996.[2]

Following a special resolution of Junius Publications at an EGM on 15 February 1984 at Electric Avenue in London, the company changed its name to Inset Press Limited, the name change being confirmed at Companies House on 26 April of that year.[3] By this time Carol Thornton appears on company documents as Director and Secretary. In June of 1984, Keith Teare designated as 'Chairman' of the company lodged a resolution from a General Meeting of the company held in Electric Avenue on 22 June 1984 that the company's nominal share capital be increased to 20,000 by the creation of 19,900 additional ordinary shares of £1 each.[4] The next month Inset changed its name back to Junius Publications.[5]

In September of 1984 a third Director was appointed in the shape of James Woudhuysen, who gave his occupation as 'Lecturer' and an address in London N1. He declared also a further directorship of a firm called Wordsearch Limited.[6]

Second incarnation

Another firm called Inset Press Limited with a different company number (01811699) was set up a with RCP members as directors. Phil Mullan was a director, appointed prior to 2 March 1992 until 31 January 1993. The company was dissolved on 12/12/1995.[7]


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