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Gary Follis is currently chief of staff to the shadow chancellor of the exchequer Ed Balls. Follis previously held the role of political adviser to the opposition chief whip and shadow leader of the house. He also held the role of special adviser to the government chief whip from 2008-2010. [1]

Follis is a former Labour Students activist, Lambeth councillor and special adviser to Gordon Brown’s master of parliamentary discipline, Nick Brown. He is described as "the very model of a modern Labour adviser". [2]


Before entering politics, Follis held in-house policy and lobbying roles as head of policy and public affairs to the Nationwide Building Society (2011-12), and was head of public affairs at Alliance and Leicester for over four years (2004-08). [1]

In his early career Follis worked as european and political officer at Amicus. [1]


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