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Dr. DeAnne Shirley Julius (born April 14, 1949) is a British-based American economist, notable as a founder member of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England. She has also worked in the CIA, at the World Bank and extensively in the private sector, and is currently Chairman of the Royal Institute for International Affairs (Chatham House) in London.


Julius obtained a BSc in economics from Iowa State University, and a PhD from the University of California.

World Bank and CIA

Early in her career, which has spanned America and England, Julius was a project economist with the World Bank in Washington. In 1970-71 she worked for the Central Intelligence Agency, saying under questioning before the Treasury Select Committee, in the House of Commons that 'my role there was an economic analyst'. She denied any knowledge of the CIA subversion of the Allende regime at the time: 'I have no idea whether that coincided with Allende or not.' Asked if she did not 'feel a little ashamed' about her role at the CIA in retrospect, Julius said: 'my role at the CIA was an economic analyst role. I believe I performed it well and I do not feel any difficulty with the time that I spent there'.[1]

Corporate economist

She later held a succession of posts, including chief economist at British Airways and Royal Dutch Shell(1989 to 1993). From September 1997 to May 2001, she was a full-time member of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England, and also sat on the Court of the Bank of England until May 2004. She chaired HM Treasury’s banking services consumer codes review group in 2000/1.

Corporate board member

Since July 2003, Julius has been chairman of the Royal Institute of International Affairs and is currently a non-executive director of Lloyds TSB, BP, Serco and Roche Holdings SA and a vice president of the Society of Business Economists.

She is the author of five books and academic papers on subjects ranging from foreign direct investment to strategic planning and corporate governance. She holds four honorary doctorates, from the University of Warwick, University of Birmingham, South Bank University and the University of Bath.

Julius was awarded the CBE in 2002.

She is married to Ian Harvey, latterly chairman of BTG.


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