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Arne Mogren is Vice President of Climate Policy at Swedish power company Vattenfall. He is also the Secretary to the Combat Climate Change Initiative and a former president and CEO of the International Emissions Trading Association. He is an advocate for carbon trading and other market based mechanisms for addressing climate change.

According to the IGBP Biographies for Speakers and Moderators:

Arne Mogren is Vice President of Climate Policy at Vattenfall AB. Studying at Gothenburg University, he received a M. Sc. Degree in mechanical Engineering in 1978 and a B.A. in Philosophy, Mathematics and Economics in 1976. During the 80s, he was a researcher at the Swedish Defence Research Institute in the energy futures studies field. In 1989, he started as policy analyst in the strategic planning department at Vattenfall. Arne established Vattenfall’s Brussels office in 1992 and headed the Brussels activities until 1995. Up until his present position, Arne was responsible for Vattenfall’s Public Affairs from 2001 to 2006. In his present role Arne is responsible for Vattenfall’s extensive engagement in the climate policy field including the publication of the report “Curbing Climate Change” in January 2006 and Vattenfall’s Global Climate Impact Abatement Map in January 2007.[1]



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