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Africa Direct is associated with the libertarian anti-environmental LM network. Africa Direct was launched in 1995 in response to the mass killings of the previous year [1] and has shown no obvious signs of activity since 1997. [2] Africa Direct questioned the orthodox view of the Rwandan genocide. It submitted a document to the United Nations Tribunal on Rwanda called "Why the Rwandan war was not genocide".[3]

Associates included LM network associates John Pender[4] and Barrie Collins, who wrote the revisionist view of the Rwanda genocide, Obedience in Rwanda (Perpetuity Press, 30 Nov 1998).[5]


Africa Direct BM Box 8109
WC1N 3XX011
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 0973 326302
Fax: +44 171 691 7063
Email: africadirect AT


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