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Widmeyer Communications is a ‘member of Public Relations Organisation International (PROI), a global network of independent public relations agencies. Founded in 1970, PROI includes partners in more than 72 cities in 25 countries around the world’. [1]

Widmeyer Communications were involved in Columbia University’s TeenScreen Program. They 'devised a comprehensive national public health campaign involving media relations, partnership development, research, public affairs and advertising' in order to get 'the word out to ensure that parents and other key players (educators, policymakers, the media, etc.) were aware of the Teen Screen program and the importance of mental health screening'. In order to do so they 'implemented an aggressive media relations effort' to publicize the initiative [2].

In a report in 2004 on 'Reaching Youth with Important Messages'[3] Widmeyer Communications opening words are very clear about the benefits of targeting the youth market...

'Marketing to young people has always been a sensitive topic. But as an audience of 40 million with annual buying power of $364 billion, teens and "tweens" are important customers in the marketplace of products and ideas'.


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