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[[ADK]] (Associate)  | [[Bates 141]] | [[Brand Buzz]] (A Young & Rubicam Brands company) | [[CHI & Partners]] (Associate)  | [[Dentsu Y&R]] A Young & Rubicam Brands company and Joint venture)  | [[Grey]] | [[ HS Ad]] | [[JWT]] | [[Ogilvy and Mather]] | [[Santo]] | [[Scangroup]] (Associate)| [[Soho Square]] | Tapsa]] | [[TAXI]] (A Young & Rubicam Brands company) | [[Team Detroit]] | The  [[Jupiter Drawing Room and Partners]]  | [[United Network]] | [[Y and R]] (A Young & Rubicam Brands company)
'''Media Investment Management'''
[[GroupM]]  [[Maxus]] | [[MediaCom]] | [[MEC]] | [[Mindshare]] | [[Outrider]] | [[Catalyst]]
'''Other media agencies'''
[[KR Media]] (Associate) | [[tenthavenue]] | [[Kinetic Worldwide]] | [[Quisma]]  | [[Spafax]]
Consumer Insight
[[Kantar]]  | [[Added Value]] | [[Center Partners]] | [[IMRB International]] | [[Kantar Health]] | [[Kantar Japan]] | [[Kantar Media]] | [[Kantar Operations]] | [[Kantar Retail]] | [[Kantar Worldpanel]] | [[Lightspeed Research]] | [[Millward Brown]] | The [[Futures Company]] | [[TNS]] 
'''Other marketing consultancies'''
[[Everystone]]  (A Brand Union Company) |  [[ohal]]
'''Public Relations & Public Affairs'''
[[Blanc & Otus]] (A [[Hill and Knowlton]] Company |  [[Buchanan Communications]] | [[Burson-Marsteller]] (A Young & Rubicam Brands company) | [[Chime Communications PLC]] (Associate) | [[Clarion Communications]] | [[Cohn and Wolfe]] (A Young & Rubicam Brands company) | [[Dewey Square Group]] | [[Finsbury]] | [[Hill and Knowlton]] | [[Ogilvy Government Relations]] | [[Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide]] | The [[PBN Company]] (Associate) | [[Penn Schoen Berland]] (A Young & Rubicam Brands company) | [[Prime Policy Group]] | [[Public Strategies]] (A [[Hill and Knowlton]] Company)  | [[Quinn Gillespie]] | [[Robinson Lerer & Montgomery]] (A Young & Rubicam Brands company)| [[Wexler & Walker Public Policy Associates]] (A [[Hill and Knowlton]] Company)
'''Branding & Identity'''
[[Addison Corporate Marketing]] (A member of B to D Group) | [[BDGMcColl]] | [[BDGworkfutures]] | [[Coley Porter Bell]] | [[Dovetail]] | [[FITCH]] (A member of B to D Group) | [[Lambie-Nairn]] (A member of B to D Group) | [[Landor Associates]] (A member of B to D Group and A Young & Rubicam Brands company)  | [[PeclersParis]] (A member of B to D Group)  | The  [[Brand Union]] (A member of B to D Group) | [[The Partners]] (A member of B to D Group)  | [[VBAT]] (A member of B to D Group) 
'''Healthcare Communications'''
[[Feinstein Kean Healthcare]] (An Ogilvy Company) | [[GCI Health]] | [[ghg]] | [[Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide]] | [[Sudler and Hennessey]]  (A Young & Rubicam Brands company)
'''Direct, Digital, Promotion & Relationship Marketing'''
[[A. Eicoff & Co]] | [[Actis Systems]] (Part of the Wunderman network) | [[AGENDA]] (Part of the Wunderman network) | [Aqua Online]] (Part of the Wunderman network) | [[Blast Radius]] (Part of the Wunderman network) | [[Brierley and Partners]] (Associate)  | [[Designkitchen]] (Part of the Wunderman network) | [[Dialogue 141]] | [[Digit]] | [[EWA]] | [[FullSIX]] | [[Grassroots]] (Associate) | [[G2]] | [[Headcount Worldwide Field Marketing]] | [[High Co]] (Associate)  | [[Kassius]] (Part of the Wunderman network) | [[KMB Group]] (Part of the Wunderman network) | [[Mando]] | [[Maxx Marketing]] | [[OgilvyAction]] | [[OgilvyOne Worldwide]] | [[OgilvyAction Sports and Entertainment Marketing]] | [[OOT]] | RTCM]] (A Young & Rubicam Brands company) | [[Smollan Group]] (Associate) | [[Studiocom]] (A Young & Rubicam Brands company) | [[These Days]] (Part of the Wunderman network) | [[Vice Media]] (Investment) | [[VML]] (A Young & Rubicam Brands company) | [[Wunderman]] (A Young & Rubicam Brands company) | [[ZAAZ]] (Part of the Wunderman network)
'''Specialist Communications'''
'''Corporate/B2B''', [[Ogilvy Primary Contact]] | '''Custom Media''', [[Forward]] | '''Demographic Marketing''', The [[Bravo Group]] (A Young & Rubicam Brands company)  | [[Kang and Lee]] (A Young & Rubicam Brands company) | [[Mosaica MD]] | [[UniWorld]] | [[WING]] (A Young & Rubicam Brands company)  | '''Employer branding/recruitment''', [[JWT Inside]] |  '''Event/face-to-face marketing''', [[MJM]] | [[Metro]] | '''Foodservice Marketing''', The [[Food Group]] |  '''Sports Marketing''', [[PRISM Group]] | '''Entertainment Marketing'''
[[Alliance]] | Youth marketing, The [[Geppetto Group]] | '''Real Estate marketing''' [[Pace]] | '''Technology Marketing''', [[Banner Corporation]] (A Young & Rubicam Brands company)  | '''Media & Production Services''', The [[Farm Group]] | [[Hogarth Worldwide]] (Joint Venture) | [[Imagina]] (Investment) | [[MRC]] (Investment) | The [[Weinstein Company]]  (Investment) |
'''WPP Digital'''
[[24/7 Real Media]] | [[Blue State Digital]] | [[Deliver]] | [[Fabric Worldwide]] (Investmetn) | [[iconmobile]] (Associate) | [[Johannes Leonardo]] (Investment) | [[Possible Worldwide]] | [[Syzygy]]  (Associate)| The [[Media Innovation Group]] | [[True Worldwide]] (Investment)
'''WPP Digital partner companies'''
[[Ace Metrix]] (Investment)  | [[Buddy Media]] (Investment)  | [[eCommera]] (Investment) | [[HDT Holdings Technology]] (Investment)  | [[In Game Ad Interactive]] (Investment) | [[Invidi]] (Investment) | [[Jumptap]] (Investment) | [[LiveWorld]] (Investment) | [[Moment Systems]] (Investment) | [[Proclivity]] (Investment) | [[Sat Media]] (Investment) | [[Visible Technologies]] (Associate) | [[Visible World]] (Investment) | [[Wild Tangent]]  (Investment) | [[Yield Software]] (Investment) 
'''WPP Knowledge Community''' [[The Store]] <ref> WPP, [http://www.wpp.com/annualreports/2010/overview/who-we-are/our-companies--associates.html Annual Report 2010] accessed 12th December 2011 </ref> 
===PR and Lobbying firms===
In 2008, WPP was listed as a member of the [[American Benefits Council]]<ref>American Benefits Council [http://www.americanbenefitscouncil.org/about/memberlist.cfm Memberships] Accessed 26th February 2008</ref>
*[[Banner Corporation]]
*[[Blanc & Otus]]
*[[Buchanan Communications]]
*[[Bulletin International]]
*[[B|W|R, An Ogilvy PR Worldwide Company]]
*[[Carl Byoir & Associates]]
*[[Chime Communications Plc]]
*[[Clarion Communications]]
*[[Cohn & Wolfe]]
*[[Direct Impact]]
*[[Food Group]]
*[[Grey Global Group]]
*[[Hill & Knowlton]]
*[[IBI Inc]]
*[[IPAN (India Public Affairs Network)]]
*[[Offspring PR]]
*[[Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide]]
*[[Penn Schoen & Berland]]
*[[PiranhaKid Communications]]
*[[Quinn Gillespie & Associates]]
*[[Robinson Lerer & Montgomery]]
*[[Roman Brand Group]]
*[[Wexler & Walker Public Policy Associates]]
*[[Y&R Business Communications]]
In 2008, WPP is listed as a member of the [[American Benefits Council]]<ref>American Benefits Council [http://www.americanbenefitscouncil.org/about/memberlist.cfm Memberships] Accessed 26th February 2008</ref>
===Full list of subsidiaries===
*[[141 Worldwide]]
*[[20:20 Brand Action]]
*[[A Eicoff]]
*[[Added Value]]
*[[Addison Corporate Marketing]]
*[[AGB Group]]
*[[Banner Corporation]]
*[[Bates Asia]]
*[[Bates PanGulf]]
*[[Batey / Red Cell]]
*[[BDG McColl]]
*[[BEN Marketing]]
*[[Beyond Interactive]]
*[[BJK&E Media]]
*[[Blanc & Otus]]
*[[Brand Buzz]]
*[[The Bravo Group]]
*[[Brierley & Partners]]
*[[Brouillard Communications]]
*[[Buchanan Communications]]
*[[Bulletin International]]
*[[B|W|R, An Ogilvy PR Worldwide Company]]
*[[Cannondale Associates]]
*[[Carl Byoir & Associates]]
*[[Carlyle Brand Consultants]]
*[[Center Partners]]
*[[Chime Communications Plc]]
*[[Clarion Communications]]
*[[Clever Media]]
*[[Clockwork Capital]]
*[[Cohn & Wolfe]]
*[[Coley Porter Bell]]
*[[David Communications Group]]
*[[Dentsu, Young & Rubicam]]
*[[Diagnostic Research]]
*[[Diamond Ad]]
*[[The Digital Edge]]
*[[Direct Impact]]
*[[drs Insight Group]]
*[[Dynamic Logic]]
*[[Einson Freeman]]
*[[Enterprise IG]]
*[[Enterprise IG Health]]
*[[Essence Communications]]
*[[Event Union]]
*[[EWA Bespoke Communications]]
*[[The Farm]]
*[[Feinstein Kean Healthcare (FKH)]]
*[[The Focus Network]]
*[[Food Group]]
*[[Fudge Group]]
*[[Futurecom interactive]]
*[[G WHIZ]]
*[[G2 Worldwide]]
*[[George Patterson, Y&R]]
*[[Geppetto Group]]
*[[Glendinning Management Consultants]]
*[[Global Sportnet]]
*[[Good Technology]]
*[[The Grass Roots Group PLC]]
*[[Grey Direct]]
*[[Grey Global Group]]
*[[Grey Healthcare]]
*[[Grey Interactive]]
*[[Grey Worldwide]]
*[[The Helm Agency]]
*[[Henley Centre HeadlightVision]]
*[[Hill & Knowlton]]
*[[Hill & Knowlton Netcoms]]
*[[HLS (Health Learning Systems)]]
*[[HMA Blaze]]
*[[IBI Inc]]
*[[IBOPE Media Information]]
*[[icon brand navigation group]]
*[[IMRB International]]
*[[Inferentia Fullsix S.p.A]]
*[[Information Design Unit]]
*[[The Initiatives Group]]
*[[IPAN (India Public Affairs Network)]]
*[[J. Brown]]
*[[JWT Specialized Communications Ltd]]
*[[Kang & Lee Advertising]]
*[[Kantar Group]]
*[[Kantya Brand Strategies]]
*[[KMR Group]]
*[[KnowledgeBase Marketing]]
*[[KR Media]]
*[[Landor Associates]]
*[[LG Ad Inc]]
*[[Lightspeed Research]]
*[[Management Ventures]]
*[[Mando Brand Assurance]]
*[[Mattson Jack]]
*[[Maxx Marketing]]
*[[The MC Group]]
*[[MDS Global Consulting]]
*[[Media Insight]]
*[[Media Puzzle]]
*[[Mediapro Group]]
*[[Medical Broadcasting Company]]
*[[Mendoza Dillon]]
*[[Millward Brown]]
*[[Offspring PR]]
*[[Ogilvy & Mather]]
*[[Ogilvy Primary Contact]]
*[[Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide]]
*[[OgilvyOne Worldwide]]
*[[The Partners]]
*[[Penn Schoen & Berland Associates]]
*[[Performance SportEnt Worldwide]]
*[[pFour Consultancy Ltd]]
*[[PiranhaKid Communications]]
*[[Plush Films]]
*[[Portland Outdoor]]
*[[PQ Plakat Qualitat]]
*[[Premiere Sponsorship Marketing]]
*[[Pro Deo]]
*[[Quadra Advisory]]
*[[Quinn Gillespie]]
*[[Red Cell]]
*[[Research International]]
*[[RMG Connect]]
*[[Robinson Lerer & Montgomery]]
*[[Roman Brand Group]]
*[[RTC Relationship Marketing]]
*[[Shire Health]]
*[[SMG KRC]]
*[[Soho Square]]
*[[Sprint Production]]
*[[The Store]]
*[[Strategic Horizons]]
*[[Sudler & Hennessey]]
*[[the campaign palace / red cell]]
*[[The Voluntarily United Group of Creative Agencies]]
*[[Warwicks UK Ltd]]
*[[Wexler & Walker Public Policy Associates]]
*[[Wire and Plastic Products]]
*[[XM Asia Pacific]]
*[[Y&R Business Communications]]
*[[Young & Rubicam Brands HQ]]
*[[Zenith Media]]
==External links==
==External links==

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WPP is one of the big three marketing and communications conglomerates along with Interpublic and Omnicom.

WPP's 2001 revenues were $5791m: Advertising accounted for 46%; specialist communications, 27%; info and consultancy, 15%; and public relations and affairs, 12.3%. Including associates, the Group had over 65,000 full-time people in over 1,400 offices in 103 countries at the end of 2001. In 2001 WPP worked for over 300 of the Fortune Global 500 companies and over half of the Nasdaq 100. WPP serviced 330 national or multi-national clients in three or more disciplines and over 150 clients in four disciplines. Globally, WPP worked with over 100 clients in six or more countries (WPP, 2001, p. 2).

The global WPP group encompasses the J. Walter Thompson, Ogilvy & Mather, Tempus, Grey Global and Young & Rubicam advertising agencies. The conglomerate also includes public relations, lobbying, media planning and buying, marketing and research services through Hill & Knowlton, Burson-Marsteller, MindShare and The Kantar Group.

Evolution of the group

WPP czar Martin Sorrell was the 'third brother' at Saatchi & Saatchi (now part of Publicis) from 1975 to 1986 before acquiring UK shopping cart manufacturer Wire & Plastic Products (WPP). He used WPP as a vehicle for acquiring 'below-the-line' advertising-related businesses.

In 1987 he made a successful US$566m hostile bid for the venerable J. Walter Thompson. Two years later he expanded the group through the US$825m purchase of the equally prestigious Ogilvy & Mather, despite opposition from ad icon David Ogilvy (1911-1999).

In 2003 WPP successfully bid for the ailing Cordiant group, acquired for a mere US$17 million (plus assumption of debts). It acquired Grey Global in 2004 with cash and shares worth just over US$1.3bn (£720m). As of 2000 Grey had sales of US$1,247 million and earnings of US$19 million.Source [1]


Further reading

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Advertising ADK (Associate) | Bates 141 | Brand Buzz (A Young & Rubicam Brands company) | CHI & Partners (Associate) | Dentsu Y&R A Young & Rubicam Brands company and Joint venture) | Grey | HS Ad | JWT | Ogilvy and Mather | Santo | Scangroup (Associate)| Soho Square | Tapsa]] | TAXI (A Young & Rubicam Brands company) | Team Detroit | The Jupiter Drawing Room and Partners | United Network | Y and R (A Young & Rubicam Brands company) Media Investment Management GroupM Maxus | MediaCom | MEC | Mindshare | Outrider | Catalyst Other media agencies KR Media (Associate) | tenthavenue | Kinetic Worldwide | Quisma | Spafax Consumer Insight Kantar | Added Value | Center Partners | IMRB International | Kantar Health | Kantar Japan | Kantar Media | Kantar Operations | Kantar Retail | Kantar Worldpanel | Lightspeed Research | Millward Brown | The Futures Company | TNS Other marketing consultancies Everystone (A Brand Union Company) | ohal Public Relations & Public Affairs Blanc & Otus (A Hill and Knowlton Company | Buchanan Communications | Burson-Marsteller (A Young & Rubicam Brands company) | Chime Communications PLC (Associate) | Clarion Communications | Cohn and Wolfe (A Young & Rubicam Brands company) | Dewey Square Group | Finsbury | Hill and Knowlton | Ogilvy Government Relations | Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide | The PBN Company (Associate) | Penn Schoen Berland (A Young & Rubicam Brands company) | Prime Policy Group | Public Strategies (A Hill and Knowlton Company) | Quinn Gillespie | Robinson Lerer & Montgomery (A Young & Rubicam Brands company)| Wexler & Walker Public Policy Associates (A Hill and Knowlton Company) Branding & Identity Addison Corporate Marketing (A member of B to D Group) | BDGMcColl | BDGworkfutures | Coley Porter Bell | Dovetail | FITCH (A member of B to D Group) | Lambie-Nairn (A member of B to D Group) | Landor Associates (A member of B to D Group and A Young & Rubicam Brands company) | PeclersParis (A member of B to D Group) | The Brand Union (A member of B to D Group) | The Partners (A member of B to D Group) | VBAT (A member of B to D Group) Healthcare Communications Feinstein Kean Healthcare (An Ogilvy Company) | GCI Health | ghg | Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide | Sudler and Hennessey (A Young & Rubicam Brands company) Direct, Digital, Promotion & Relationship Marketing A. Eicoff & Co | Actis Systems (Part of the Wunderman network) | AGENDA (Part of the Wunderman network) | [Aqua Online]] (Part of the Wunderman network) | Blast Radius (Part of the Wunderman network) | Brierley and Partners (Associate) | Designkitchen (Part of the Wunderman network) | Dialogue 141 | Digit | EWA | FullSIX | Grassroots (Associate) | G2 | Headcount Worldwide Field Marketing | High Co (Associate) | Kassius (Part of the Wunderman network) | KMB Group (Part of the Wunderman network) | Mando | Maxx Marketing | OgilvyAction | OgilvyOne Worldwide | OgilvyAction Sports and Entertainment Marketing | OOT | RTCM]] (A Young & Rubicam Brands company) | Smollan Group (Associate) | Studiocom (A Young & Rubicam Brands company) | These Days (Part of the Wunderman network) | Vice Media (Investment) | VML (A Young & Rubicam Brands company) | Wunderman (A Young & Rubicam Brands company) | ZAAZ (Part of the Wunderman network) Specialist Communications Corporate/B2B, Ogilvy Primary Contact | Custom Media, Forward | Demographic Marketing, The Bravo Group (A Young & Rubicam Brands company) | Kang and Lee (A Young & Rubicam Brands company) | Mosaica MD | UniWorld | WING (A Young & Rubicam Brands company) | Employer branding/recruitment, JWT Inside | Event/face-to-face marketing, MJM | Metro | Foodservice Marketing, The Food Group | Sports Marketing, PRISM Group | Entertainment Marketing Alliance | Youth marketing, The Geppetto Group | Real Estate marketing Pace | Technology Marketing, Banner Corporation (A Young & Rubicam Brands company) | Media & Production Services, The Farm Group | Hogarth Worldwide (Joint Venture) | Imagina (Investment) | MRC (Investment) | The Weinstein Company (Investment) | WPP Digital 24/7 Real Media | Blue State Digital | Deliver | Fabric Worldwide (Investmetn) | iconmobile (Associate) | Johannes Leonardo (Investment) | Possible Worldwide | Syzygy (Associate)| The Media Innovation Group | True Worldwide (Investment) WPP Digital partner companies Ace Metrix (Investment) | Buddy Media (Investment) | eCommera (Investment) | HDT Holdings Technology (Investment) | In Game Ad Interactive (Investment) | Invidi (Investment) | Jumptap (Investment) | LiveWorld (Investment) | Moment Systems (Investment) | Proclivity (Investment) | Sat Media (Investment) | Visible Technologies (Associate) | Visible World (Investment) | Wild Tangent (Investment) | Yield Software (Investment) WPP Knowledge Community The Store [1]

In 2008, WPP was listed as a member of the American Benefits Council[2]

External links

Sharon Beder and Richard Gosden 'WPP: World Propaganda Power' PR Watch, Volume 8, No. 2


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