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Vernon K Krieble masthead, Source: Krieble webpage, screengrab

The Vernon K. Krieble Foundation is a US-based private foundation. It established in 1984 by the family of Professor Vernon K. Krieble (1885-1964), scientist, educator, inventor, and entrepreneur who became 'one of the most influential chemists in the country'.

The foundation is run by his daughter Helen Krieble. Its mission states that:

Recognizing that the Foundation's assets are the product of a free and democratic society, the founders considered it fitting that those assets be used "to further democratic capitalism and to preserve and promote a society of free, educated, healthy and creative individuals."

Funding counterjihad activists

According to IRS filings up to 2013 the foundation was one of the top funders of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, with five grants totalling $125,000 USD.[1] The centre ranked among the foundation's top eight recipients over time.


2013 grantees


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