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Hi, nice one on youtube. Two questions: 1. how do we enter captions and size and alignment? 2. how do we use google video and other providers?

--David 11:16, 19 January 2008 (UTC)

Hi David,

There are no alignment nor caption options available with this extension. But then, they really are not needed, which is probably why the author did not bother to put them in.

To align the video display, simply use standard html alignment tags, ie: < left>, < center> & < right>.

To add a caption, just add the text beneath the video. If you want the caption to stand out, just use the italic tag: < i>.

I've added both of these to the Aaron Weisburd page, so that you can see how its done.

As for the size, you would very rarely need to change the original default. Any smaller and people would find it difficult to view, any larger and those with lower resolution screens would not see the whole video display.

If you really need to add captions and alignment within the video tag, I could look at the other extensions, but none of these will allow you to show Google Videos.

nuclear spin format

If you are cxreating a forat for Nucear spin on the article submission page can you add all the formattign from the other versiojns and also.

Is there any way to sort of automate this for all portals so that they automatically include the category? Also can we programme it so that the name of the person is included in the category for sorting purposes?

PS: love the map icon up top! --David 11:28, 6 March 2009 (UTC)