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Union Liberal Cubana ULC is a political party established in exile to “to convey the ideas of democracy, human rights and a market economy into the Island. The term "liberal" follows the European and Latin American meaning, not that prevailing in the United States.” [1]


ULC promote an ideology rooted in the thought of intellectuals like I. Berlin, K. Popper, C. Rangel, or the recent Nobel Economics laureates Gary Becker, Richard Coase, James Buchanan, Milton Friedman and Friedrich von Hayek, all followers of von Misses´s work and the so-called Austrian School.

They fiercely oppose the Castro regimes in Cuba and are critical of socialist and fascist regimes. In their own words "In short, this means that nowadays, after a century of failed experiments, the end has come to the Marxist utopias, and the individual has been restored the important role he or she have to play in society. From there stems a healthy wave of privatisations, the reduction of the size and the functions of the State, the reduction in public spending, and the recognition of the commanding character of private enterprise and a civil society. From there, also, stems the discredit of an economy planned by bureaucrats far removed from daily realities, and the realisation that the tools of development and growth reside in the free market." [2]



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