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*[[Henry Jackson Society]]
*[[Arko Advice]]
*[[Foreign Policy Centre]]
*[[Foreign Policy Centre]]
*[[Henry Jackson Society]] <ref>He is not listed in the HJS website</ref>
==Contact, References and Resources==
==Contact, References and Resources==

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From the Foreign Policy Centre's profile:

Thiago de Aragão is the FPC's Latin American Senior Research Associate and the Director for Latin American Political Risk Analysis at Arko Advice (www.arkoadvice.com.br), the leading political analysis company in Brazil. Thiago is also the Latin American Fellow for the Henry Jackson Society, a think tank based in London, England. Currently Thiago is a member of the Brazilian "Leaders of the Future" Group.
He is a regular columnist for the main Brazilian news group: Agencia Estado de São Paulo, has lectured in several countries as well as in Brazil, England and Argentina. He is currently working on a project bringing together enterprise and stakeholders to discuss sustainable development on behalf of the FPC.[1]


Contact, References and Resources


email thiago@arkoadvice.com.br
phone: +55-61-9286-2161
blog: www.latampolitics.com



  1. FPC Profile, FPC, Accessed: 15 October 2008
  2. He is not listed in the HJS website