The Sussex Energy Group

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The Sussex Energy Group based at University of Sussex carries out consultations, and produces reports and policy briefs on Energy issues.


Funding and finances

Core funding is from the Economic and Social Research Council. [1]


Jim Watson Director of SEG. Senior Fellow. Decentralised energy, energy policy, energy and development

Frank Geels - Professorial Fellow Transitions to sustainability, socio-technical systems, innovation studies

Florian Kern - Research Fellow Governance of system innovation, energy innovation policy

Markku Lehtonen - Research Fellow Knowledge in policy making, biofuels, governance

Gordon Mackerron - Professorial Fellow Security of supply, energy policy, nuclear power

Alexandra Mallett - Research Fellow Technology transfer, low carbon growth, developing countries

Mari Martiskainen - Research Fellow Consumer behaviour, energy demand in households, energy efficiency

Francis McGowan - Senior Lecturer European energy policy, party politics of energy choices, policy evaluation and the energy sector

David Ockwell - Lecturer Low carbon technology transfer, discourse analysis, inter-disciplinary research

Mike Parker - Honorary Fellow Climate change policy, urgency, time critical pathways

Raphael Sauter - Research Fellow European energy policy, security of supply

Ivan Scrase - Research Fellow Energy policy framing, appraisal and change

Adrian Smith - Senior Fellow Governance, technology, politics

Steve Sorrell - Senior Fellow Emissions trading, energy efficiency, climate policy

Sigrid Stagl - Senior Fellow Sustainability appraisal, decision analysis, behaviour change

Lee Stapleton - Research Fellow Energy efficiency, environmental economics, quantitative techniques

Andy Stirling - Professorial Fellow Appraisal, diversity, resilience

Tao Wang - Research Fellow Environmental economics, developing countries, China

Andy Wilson - Research Co-ordinator


External Resources


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