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The Free Society is a libertarian grouping in which Simon Clark plays a leading role, maintaining its blog Taking Liberties, which contains this account of the Society:

The Free Society (TFS) has been launched to give a voice to the silent majority who want less, not more, government interference in their daily lives. Confronted with an ever expanding army of politicians, bureaucrats and special interest groups who seem determined to limit our freedoms through social engineering and censorship, our forthcoming website will discuss freedom and its limits (with a view to developing a network of like-minded people) and encourage national debate on a wide range of social and political issues. In the meantime please feel free to comment on any issue raised by this blog.[1]

The group focus on key issues such as the environment, food and drink, free speech, motoring smoking, surveillance and taxation. These issues and others are tackled by The Free Society through affiliations with influential think tanks and campaign groups.



Think Tanks





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