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The Barrow Cadbury Trust claim to 'build bridges between policy makers and grassroots activity' and works closely with the FPC in India, Africa and Latin America. Barrow Cadbury supported (£35,000) the European Civic Citizenship and Inclusion Index launched by The Foreign Policy Centre in partnership with the British Council and the Migration Policy Group.

Its Director, Sukhvinder Stubbs, is a Trustee of Demos and a member of the Better Regulation Task Force quango. Phoebe Griffith is the Senior Development Manager at the Barrow Cadbury Trust and managed the Foreign Policy Centre's programme on International Development and acted as an advisor to the FCO Global Opportunity Fund's Emerging Markets programme.

Anna Southall the administrator is also a member The Big Lottery Fund: the name used to refer to the Community Fund and the New Opportunities Fund (NOF) who are working closely together pending legislation to create a new Lottery distributor. The NOF was the government helping itself to Lottery money to fund various government PR initiatives. She was given a medal by NATO's Lord Robertson (awarded by the Carnegie Corporation) She also directs Futurebuilders —a £125 million investment fund backed by the Home Office Active Community Unit. It was set up to help develop the capacity of the voluntary and community sector to deliver public services. She is also a member of the Spoliation Advisory Panel. Barrow Cadbury also sponsor Demos ("Rethinking Inclusive Communities") and use Fishburn Hedges for PR.

The Trust also funds the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Penal Affairs and is a grant-making foundation which "seeks to encourage a just, equal, peaceful and democratic society". With an endowment of some £100 million, the Trust gives out grants to projects based in the UK, Europe and areas of conflict around the world.