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The Amsterdam Group (TAG), formed in 1990, was an alliance of Europe's leading producers of beers, wines, and spirits who work together as well as with governments and other interested groups in addressing social problems related to the excessive or inappropriate consumption of alcoholic beverages. <ref> Institute for Alcohol Studies  [http://www.ias.org.uk/resources/publications/theglobe/globe200201/gl200201_p8.html Global Alcohol Policy Alliance]  ''The Globe'' Retrieved 03/02/10</ref>
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According to The Amsterdam Group Report 2001, TAG works with interested groups to implement programmes that encourage responsible attitudes towards alcoholic beverages. This report contains an overview of progress made to date in this area and provides recommendations for a practical and effective way
forward in addressing the social problems associated with alcohol misuse.<ref>The Amsterdam Group Report 2001 [http://www.efrd.org/communication/docs/TagReport2001.pdf Alcoholic beverages and European society] Retrieved 09/02/2010</ref>
The Amsterdam Group listed its objectives as:
"encouraging responsible consumption and contributing to combating abuse; promoting understanding and tracking research on biomedical and social issues; and safeguarding responsible commercial communications through effective self-regulation". <ref> Institute for Alcohol Studies  [http://www.ias.org.uk/resources/publications/theglobe/globe200201/gl200201_p8.html Global Alcohol Policy Alliance] ''The Globe'' Retrieved 03/02/10</ref>
In 2005, the Amsterdam Group was reorganised into the [[Globalisation: European Forum for Responsible Drinking|European Forum for Responsible Drinking]].<ref> Sustainabilty Report- Focus on Impact 2006 [http://www.sustainabilityreport.heineken.com/2006/responsible_beer_consumption_and_impact_on_developing_markets/responsible_beer_consumption/enjoy_heineken_responsibly.html Responsible Beer Consumption: Enjoy Heineken Responsibly] '' Heineken International'' Retrieved 09/03/10 </ref>

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