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Below is a table showing appearances by Terrorism Experts on UK Television between 1 January 2000 and 31 December 2007. 212 names from the Bulk List were searched at the archives of the BBC Motion Gallery and ITN Source for appearances on ITN News, Channel 4 News, BBC News and BBC Current Affairs programmes.

Only appearances relating to terrorism were recorded. The table is arranged according to the total number of appearances recorded and then alphabetically according to surname.

This list is one of a number compiled including

The Experts

Name of Expert ITN & Channel 4 News BBC News BBC Current Affairs Total
Peter Clarke852064169
Patrick Mercer1821838
Neil Doyle260228
Benjamin Netanyahu165425
Paul Wilkinson136423
Tariq Ramadan511218
Bill Durodie90817
Rohan Gunaratna121114
David Capitanchik93012
Sidney Jones52310
Andrew Silke4318
Alexis Debat2147
Alan Dershowitz1067
Bruce Hoffman2237
Kevin O'Brien3227
Steve Simon4217
Musa Admani0246
Steve Emerson6006
Michael Scheuer0156
Patrick Clawson4015
Jonathan Stevenson4015
Francis Fukuyama0044
Peter R Neumann2114
Daniel Benjamin1113
Daniel Byman1113
Lawrence Eagleburger1023
Jeane Kirkpatrick2013
Evan Kohlmann1023
Daniel Pipes0033
Olivier Roy2013
Jessica Stern0033
Fouad Ajami0022
Richard Clutterbuck1102
Jonathan Evans2002
David Franz0022
Brian Jenkins2002
Paul Pillar1012
Graham Allison0011
Noam Chomsky0011
Martha Crenshaw0011
Arnaud de Borchgrave0011
Anoushiravan Ehteshami0011
Donald Henderson0011
Michael Ledeen0011
Neil Livingstone1001
Michael Osterholm0011
Adam Roberts0011
Alex P. Schmid1001
Asim Siddiqui0011
Frances Townsend1001
Clive Walker1001
Simon Wessely1001