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can see RICU work in

This predates Gardner fuss, but shows basic concepts of Unit being disseminated

I don't like the Unltd connection with the festival and this

Isabel Carlisle has been working on the project since early 2003. She started her career as an archaeologist, working abroad in Jerusalem, Rome, Pompeii and Sparta. In Jerusalem she worked at the British School of Archaeology as part of a team surveying the Mamluk buildings around the Dome of the Rock. Freelance editiorial work at the Burlington and Apollo magazines, interspersed with periods of living abroad in Italy and Germany, eventually led to the position of Deputy Editor of The Art Newspaper shortly after it was founded in 1990. In 1995 she became deputy art critic of The Times and in 1998 moved to the Royal Academy as an exhibitions curator, subsequently becoming deputy head of exhibitions. Apart from numerous reviews and articles published in newspapers and magazines she has published essays in exhibition catalogues for the Royal Academy and elsewhere.

is a bit odd - British School of Archaeology were caught up in something a while back - i also get a whiff of Michael ledeen's wife here: needs further invest.