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The law firm of Stuntz, Davis & Staffier, P.C. counsels transactions and regulatory matters involving the oil, natural gas, and electric industries, in addition to legislative and public policy issues affecting a variety of industries. Since its founding in 1995, the firm has been involved in a variety of complex regulatory, litigation and legislative matters for a number of Fortune 500 companies. [2]

Linda Gillespie Stuntz [1]

Linda Gillespie Stuntz founded the DC lobbying firm Stuntz, Davis & Staffier and was a deputy energy secretary for GHW Bush. Stuntz served on the board of American Electric Power from 1993-2004, and continues to serve on the board of Paris-based oil company Schlumberger LTD. Stuntz is a registered lobbyist, and her firm took in $3.7 million in 2001-04 from corporations and associations to lobby on energy policy: The Alliance for Competitive Electricity paid Stuntz $900,000 from 2001-04 to lobby for PUHCA repeal and other pro-deregulation policies, and oppose environmental goals such as a Renewable Portfolio Standard. The Alliance is a financed by DTE, FirstEnergy, Dominion, National Grid, Duke, PNM Resources, Energy East, PSE&G, Entergy, Xcel and Exelon. In addition, Colorado-based Great Northern Power Development, a builder of coal-fired power plants, has just retained Stuntz as a lobbyist.

  • Scottish Power paid Stuntz $340,000 in 2001-04 to lobby against New Source Review public health standards.
  • Energy East paid Stuntz $180,000 in 2001-02 to repeal PURPA.
  • Southern California Edison paid Stuntz $340,000 in 2001-04 to lobby on energy issues.
  • The National Electrical Manufactures Assn paid Stuntz $165,000 in 2001-04 to lobby on transmission issues.
  • Shell Oil paid Stuntz $60,000 in 2002 to extend the Deepwater Ports Act to LNG facilities.
  • BC Hydro paid Stuntz $140,000 in 2001-02 to lobby on deregulation and energy trading.
  • General Electric paid Stuntz $20,000 in 2001-02 to lobby for increased subsidies for fossil fuels.
  • BP paid Stuntz $35,000 in 2001-02 to lobby on the Alaskan natural gas pipeline.
  • National Grid paid Stuntz $85,000 from 2002-04 to lobby on "electricity policy legislation".
  • RJ Reynolds paid Stuntz $30,000 over 18 months, and Bridgestone/Firestone paid Stuntz $20,000 in 2000 to lobby against safety requirements. [3]


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