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Storey's Gate is a loaction incentral London of both historical and contemporary political significance. Storey's Gate was the location of Winston Churchill's underground bunker during World War II. Storey's Gate was suitably close to Downing Street and Churchill said of the Storey's Gate bunker "This is the room from which I will direct the war"[1]. Clutha House is located at 10 Storey's Gate and houses modern think tanks live Civitas and the Centre for Social Cohesion.


Central Hall Westminster, a conference centre that can accommodate up to 2300 people is located on Storey's Gate[2].


Clutha House, 10 Storey's Gate

10 Story's Gate Westminster is the address for Clutha House a building let by agents GM Investment Trustees[3]. The building is located in central London beside Westminster Abbey, Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre and Methodist Central Hall[4]. The building is home to various think tanks including the Policy Exchange, Civitas and Centre for Social Cohesion[5]. The address is also home to many businesses including solicitors Hollingworth Bissell[6], and technology firm Insight Management and Systems Consultants Limited[7]. Clutha House was also the location of former Liberal Democrat leader Menzies Campbell's 2005 leadrship campaign headquarters[8].


GM Investment Trustees | Policy Exchange | Civitas | Centre for Social Cohesion | Hollingworth Bissell | Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety | Insight Management and Systems Consultants Limited | Banco Pastor Office | HSBC Bank | Manoj Ladwa | Parliamentary Advisory Council For Transport Safety | St James's Business Centre | Christian Peoples Alliance | European Commission | Industrial Development Board For Northern Ireland


Clutha House
10 Storey's Gate
London SW1P 3AY


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