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He sits on the advisory board of [[Renewal]].
He sits on the advisory board of [[Renewal]].
Bassam is now the Lords Chief Whip following his appointment by new Labour leader [[Jeremy Corbyn]]. <ref> [http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-34241395 Who's who in Corbyn's Shadow Cabinet] BBC News, Accessed 16 September 2015</ref> 

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Steve Bassam (Lord Bassam of Brighton) is a UK Labour peer, currently Lords chief whip.

Bach was parliamentary under-secretary of state in the Ministry of Justice from 2008 until May 2010.

He sits on the advisory board of Renewal.

Bassam is now the Lords Chief Whip following his appointment by new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. [1]


From biog on Niemann Picks website:

Steve Bassam became a member of the House of Lords in 1997 following the election of a Labour Government. He was previously the Leader of Brighton and Hove City Council and had led the authority for 13 years.
His background has mainly been in local government as an official and adviser. From 1979 to 1983 he was a legal adviser at Lewisham Law Centre, he worked for Camden Council in 1983/4 and for the GLC from 1984 until its abolition. He was a policy adviser on police matters to the GLC's police committee under Paul Boateng.
He then worked for the Association of Metropolitan Authorities until 1997 and briefly the LGA - the major representative organisation for local government in the UK
He was educated at Sussex University (BA Hons in History) and Kent University (MA in Social Work).
He grew up and attended schools and college in North East Essex, he lived with his mother in the rather beautiful village of Great Bentley.
His main political interests are local government, health, crime and security. He believes and supports wherever possible voluntary organisations and civic amenity groups. It was in that context thet he agreed to become an active patron of NPDG. He is delighted that the group has achieved so much in terms of developing support for NP sufferers and care for carers. He believes there is much to be done in raising awareness of NP and other conditions which though thankfully rare can be so devastating for those individuals and families that it affects.
He wants to see more done to promote research into the disease group and more done to support those who provide long term care.


From House of Lords Register of Members Interests BASSAM OF BRIGHTON, Lord

Regular remunerated employment

In receipt of ministerial salary

Trusteeships of cultural bodies

Member of The Royal Pavilion and Brighton Museum Trust

Voluntary organisations

Social media

SteveTheQuip - Twitter Peer of the Year award winner.


  1. Who's who in Corbyn's Shadow Cabinet BBC News, Accessed 16 September 2015