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Stephen H. Hoffman is president of the Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland (EIN: 34-0714445 ) a grant making foundation which supports various philanthropic causes. The federation supports a significant number of Jewish and pro-Israel organisations. The federation is a major donor to Friends of the Israel Defense Forces, the US body that sends funds to the Israeli Association for the Wellbeing of Israel's Soldiers. Between 2002-2013 the foundation donated $1,022,185 to the FIDF. [1]

Prior to becoming president of the federation he was the chair of the United Jewish Communities (now the Jewish Federations of North America). [2]

In 2004, Hoffman was appointed by then President George W. Bush to serve on the United States delegation to the Conference on Anti-Semitism, held in Berlin, Germany, by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).[3]

He is Founder and Co-Chair of the Secure Communities Network, a 'national organization concerned with communal security issues and preparedness'. [3]

Following the death of former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in January 2014 Hoffman commented that Sharon:

was a lion in defense of Israel and the Jewish people... The lion’s roar has been stilled these last eight years by the stroke. With his death we can now properly mourn our loss and reflect on one of Israel’s and the Jewish people's best.[4]

Hoffman was a 'brainstorming participant' for '2030: Alternatives for the Jewish People' a report produced by the Jewish People Policy Planning Institute.[5]

Hoffman is former president and current member of the board of the Jewish People Policy Institute.[3] His page on the JPPI website notes some of his other activities:

Stephen serves on the President’s Visiting Committee of Case Western Reserve University. He is a board member of the Musical Arts Association (the Cleveland Orchestra), the Mandel Foundation, the David and Inez Myers Foundation, and the Maltz Foundation. He also has served in a number of leadership positions for United Way Services, and is a past board member of the Greater Cleveland Roundtable, an organization devoted to promoting racial harmony in the city of Cleveland... He is the founding director of the Council for Initiatives in Jewish Education.[3]

In his Thanksgiving 2014 remarks Hoffman commented that:

The attacks by unorganized self-styled terrorist zealots are worrisome. Talk among European nations about sanctions on Israel is more so. But equally worrisome is legislation before the Knesset that will tell Israel’s Arab minority it’s being reduced to second class citizens before the law because the right wing in Israel is insecure with its image of Israel as a Jewish State. In short, we American Jews have a lot of issues on our plates – because we care what kind of country America can be and what kind of nation Israel can be.[6]


Phone: 216-593-2900


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