State Violence and Collusion Timeline 1990

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Events related to state violence and collusion in Northern Ireland in 1990.



  • 14 - In his statement to the Stevens I Investigation, Brian Nelson said: "As far as I am concerned no arms were purchased from South Africa through me at any time or any other person in the UDA." [3]


  • 24 - Third meeting of Northern Ireland Office Working Group notes that the RUC Chief Constable had seen and approved the proposed draft Guidelines. It was agreed that the next step should be for the Secretary of State to consult other relevant Ministers.[2]


  • 29 - R/01, a member of TCG Belfast, was interviewed by the Stevens team but was unable to confirm that any action had been taken to warn or otherwise protect T/27 following receipt of threat intelligence during 1987-88.[3]


  • 5 - The head of the FRU, A/05, tells the Stevens I investigation that the decision to re-recruit Brian Nelson in 1987 was taken jointly by the FRU and the Security Service.[3]
  • 12 - The Secretary of State for Northern Ireland wrote to the then Home Secretary, the Rt Hon Kenneth Baker MP, enclosing a copy of the new draft agent-handling guidelines produced by the Working Group.[2]


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