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  • ...of the [[Conservative Party]]; there are also links between the TPA and [[UKIP]]. The TPA also share close connections with the [[Stockholm Network]] and ...ssed 25-April-2011</ref> However when asked for a full list of funders and donors, Emma Bennett responded on their behalf:
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  • In November 2005 he received £3,000.000 from businessman and Tory and UKIP donor, [[Stuart Wheeler]]. ...rotting.html?ito=feeds-newsxml Tycoons who funded Fox's friend: Right-wing donors paid the bills for pair's globetrotting],, 13 October 2011.
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  • ...undation has ensured its independence by raising money from private Muslim donors, while, paradoxically, the government is inadvertently undermining it by fu ...for finances in order to 'cut off [Robinson's] previous dependency on EDL donors'.<ref>[
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  • ...November 2016. </ref> [[Nigel Farage]] (MEP) the longstanding leader of [[UKIP]] stepped down in 2016. UKIP MEP [[Gerard Batten]] was implicated in an attempt to smear [[Romano Prodi]
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  • {{Template:Brexit badge}}[[Image:Pearson_UKIP.jpg||300px|thumb|right|UKIP Lord Malcolm Pearson'']] ...orn 20 July 1942) is a businessman and [[United Kingdom Independence Party|UKIP]] member of the [[List of Members of the House of Lords, 55th UK Parliament
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  • ...– September 2014). He is now a senior adviser to [[Nigel Farage]] and [[UKIP]].<ref> [ Raheem Kassam] ''Linkedin' ...performing the role of secretariat, rather than reveal the identity of its donors.<ref name="GU">Randeep Ramesh, [
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  • from which the EDL operates. We are no closer to that world than are UKIP, the Conservative Party or any other legal political grouping or national c ...December 2010, accessed on 20 December 2010</ref> as well as names of EDL donors. A BBC article reporting on the event emphasized that EDL supporters were n
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  • ...y chairman Stanley Kalms faces expulsion from party after 'lending vote to UKIP'], Mail Online, 5 June 2009.</ref> ...html Tory donor tells David Cameron: Change tack on Europe or I’m off to Ukip], ''Independent on Sunday'', 26 March 2013.
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  • ...In 2010 [[the Sunday Times]] reported that Barbour had made donations to [[UKIP]] through [[Global Britain]].<ref>Solvej Krause; Daniel Foggo; Claire Newel <td align="center">[[UKIP]]</td>
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  • ...Tories. Now, he's snubbed them over Europe, and has switched loyalties to Ukip Matthew Bell meets Stuart Wheeler, ''the Independent on Sunday'', 16-Januar Wheeler is also one of the top donors to the [[Vote Leave]] campaign group, the official 'Leave' campaign for the
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  • ...15</ref> Founder [[Anne Marie Waters]] later announces she is running as a UKIP candidate. ...ngrich]], [[Michael Mukasey]] and former leader [[UK Independence Party]] (UKIP) [[Malcolm Pearson]], Lord of Rannoch.<ref>[
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  • ...undation]] whose founder, [[Charles G. Koch]], is one of the most generous donors to the Tea Party movement in the US. In recent years, the Tea Party has bec ...t a second defence minister (Howarth) had met one of Werritty's sercretive donors led to fresh calls from the Labour Party to renew the investigation into [[
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  • ...rities and the other, [[Melanie Onn]] is fighting to hold her seat against Ukip. The Labour candidates include those in Carlisle, Hastings and Rye, Hove, a, "doing his bit to save our country from a Tory government cringing at Ukip".<ref> Patrick Wintour [
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  • ...dicated public service, not simply be a vehicle to reward Tory cronies and donors," Mr Jones said. David Cameron should take care not to undermine the integr [[Jonathan Arnott]] a [[UKIP]] MEP, said the use of knighthoods as a reward needed to stop: 'Lynton Cros
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  • ...or Muslims to be required to make special denunciations. Commissioned by [[UKIP]]’s [[Gerard Batten]], that document was called 'frightening' even by pro ...appear to publish any further details on its website. <ref name="About"/> Donors gleaned from a range of sources are as outlined below.
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  • The company made donations totalling £1.3 million to UKIP in 2014 and 2015.<ref>[ [[Category: United Kingdom Independence Party Donors]]
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  • He is a donor to the [[Conservative Party]], [[UKIP]] and played a major role in funding the campaign for the UK to leave the E <td align="center">[[UKIP]]</td>
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  • ...ocument the advancement of sharia law in Britain’. It is led by former [[UKIP]] candidate [[Anne Marie Waters]]. ...admirer, fund the organisation, and did provide any information about its donors.<ref name="SWUKIRR"/>
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  • ...Banks at a press conference with the [[BBC]] announcing his donation to [[UKIP]], 1 October 2014]] ...lace-ukip-without-farage?CMP=twt_gu Leave donor plans new party to replace Ukip – possibly without Farage in charge] Guardian, 29 June 2016</ref>
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  • ...-surge-after-Tory-donors-defect.html Ukip enjoys donation surge after Tory donors defect] ''Telegraph'', 15 May 2014, accessed 24 February 2015 </ref> ...tive Party]] supporter group. Through an annual membership fee of £50,000 donors are able to secure access to leading members of the party.
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