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LM network resources
Shirley Lawes in 2010

Shirley Lawes is a lecturer and is associated with the libertarian anti-environmental LM network. She has spoken at the Battle of Ideas [1] and participated in its organising committee. [2] She has spoken for the Institute of Ideas, [3] written for Spiked [4] and officiated for Debating Matters. [5] She has co-authored a book with LM associates Michele Ledda, Chris McGovern, Alex Standish, Simon Patterson, David Perks, Robert Whelan and Frank Furedi [6] and is one of the first twenty signatories of the Academics for Academic Freedom statement. [7]

She previously worked in Education Studies at the University of Oxford.


LinkedIn: Shirley Lawes
Profile: Shirley Lawes
Twitter: Malgremoi


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