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Sapa is the world's largest aluminium profiles company. It is based in Sweden but operates all over Europe, the USA and China. It is wholly owned by Norwegian Orkla ASA, and divides its activities into 3 main subsidiaries; [1] Sapa Profiles is the world's leading producer of extruded aluminium profiles, which can be used in many industries including building, transport and electronics (replacing other materials such as copper or steel)[2]. It has a 16 per cent market share in Europe and approximately 26 per cent in the US[3]. Sapa Heat Transfer is the largest global supplier of aluminium strip to the automotive heat-exchanger industry with a 17% global market share[4][5]. Sapa Building Systems is one of the four largest suppliers of building systems based on aluminium profiles in Europe.[6]

Sapa has expanded rapidly in recent years, merging aspects of its operations with Alcoa and other companies, particularly in Asia (China). Until 2008 Orkla had 50 per cent equity interest in the aluminium smelting company Elkem Aluminium. In 2008 Sapa also signed a letter of intent to acquire the Chinese aluminium extrusion company Kam Kiu Aluminium.[7]

Sapa works closely with aluminium industry trade associations such as the European Aluminium Association, Aluminium Association and the UK Aluminium Federation, especially to promote aluminium as a clean 'green' metal which can be part of the solution to climate change.


Corporate Management Feb 2012

Board of Directors Feb 2012

Formerly President and CEO of Nobel Industrier, J.S. Saba and Axel Johnson International AB, Executive Vice President of SSAB.

  • Anders Ullberg Director. Chairman of the Board in Eneqvistbolagen and Jernkontoret. Member of the Board of TietoEnator, Atlas Copco, SSAB, Skandia and Svenskt Näringsliv.
  • Karin Aslaksen Executive Vice President Orkla ASA, Strategic HR and Communication
  • Terje Andersen Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Orkla ASA
  • Torkild Nordberg CEO Orkla Brands

Executive Management May 2010

Board of Directors May 2010





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