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Sam Harris is an American author and anti-religious activist. He is the Founder and Chairman of The Reason Project a charitable foundation "devoted to spreading scientific knowledge and secular values in society".

On Muslims and the Quran

If the Quran was exactly the way it is, but it contained a single extra line, and that line read: ‘If you see a red haired woman on your doorstep at sunset, cut her head off’. Ok just imagine a text like this, it comes down through the ages, that contains a line like that. I can tell you what kind of world we would live in. We would live in a world where red haired women would be found murdered in the Muslim world, you know, we would open the New York Times and we would hear that there were 20 heads found in a bag and they were all red haired women, and we would also live in a world where in which apologists for Islam would say, would look at that behaviour and say that has nothing to do with Islam.[1]


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