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Sajjansinh Mayur Gohel (aka, Sajjan Gohel; born 1980) is "Director of International Security for the London-based Asia-Pacific Foundation, a terrorism think tank that researches security issues for international businesses." He runs the organisation with his father, M. J. Gohel.

As of July 2005, an individual named Sajjan Gohel is a PhD student at the London School of Economics (LSE). His supervisor is Dr Kirsten Schulze, Senior Lecturer in International History, and his research topic is "The Globalisation of Bin Ladinism: Origins, Doctrines Development and conflicts" [1].

He is the grandson of the late Jay K. Gohel, a friend of Margaret Thatcher and Conservative Party stalwart [2].


Since mid 2003, Gohel participated in a number of radio/television interviews as an expert on terrorism with the U.S., British, and Australian news media. Sajjan Gohel is variously described as functioning at the Asia-Pacific Foundation

  • By ABC News, Australia:
1 Nov 2007, Newsnight
  • By Bloomberg News:
  • as a "director at the London-based Asia Pacific Foundation, a security-analysis company": [4]
  • as a "terrorism expert": [5]
  • By CBS News (Dallas, Texas):
  • as a "leading counterterrorism expert who works closely with British intelligence": [6]
  • By Christian Science Monitor:
  • as a "terrorism expert": [7]
  • no title: [8]
  • as "director of International Security": [9][10] [11][12]
  • as an "international security analyst": [13]
  • as a "terrorism expert": [14]Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag
  • By NBC News/MSNBC:
  • as an "analyst at Asia-Pacific Foundation": [15]
  • as a "director of international studies at the Asia-Pacific Foundation, terrorism expert": [16]
  • as a "security analyst":[17]

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