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Rebel Media is a far-right Canadian online platform founded by ex-tabloid editor and anti-Muslim activist Ezra Levant in February 2015.

It has been described as 'a global platform for an extreme anti-Muslim ideology known as counter-jihad. It’s a far-right fringe theory founded on the belief that Muslims are deliberately invading the West, biding their time, then overtaking communities and imposing Shariah Law'. [1]

In spring 2017 Rebel Media began filing reports from the UK.

Hiring counterjihadists, columnists, and high-profile ex-political leaders and advisers

Stephen Lennon

In 2017 Rebel Media hired Stephen Lennon aka Tommy Robinson ex-head of anti-Muslim street movements English Defence League and Pegida UK as a 'reporter', alongside ex-Chelsea bartender Caolan Robertson.

Katie Hopkins

In January 2018 Rebel signed up notorious anti-Muslim media pundit Katie Hopkins, just months after Mail Online failed to renew her two-year contract.

Sebastian Gorka

Another recent controversial British-born recruit is Sebastian Gorka. ex-adviser to US president Donald Trump who left the White House in September 2017 after just eight months. He joined Rebel in February 2018. Gorka has been widely criticised for his white supremacist views and was revealed by Forward magazine to be a member of a Hungarian Nazi movement to which his father had once belonged. [2]

Mark Latham, ex-leader of Australian Labour Party

Other regular Rebel Media pundits across the globe include the former Australian Labour Party opposition leader Mark Latham.

After leaving Rebel Media in 2017 former reporter Lauren Southern became heavily involved in the pan-European far right Defend Europe movement.



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