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Rashad Ali. Retrieved from his LinkedIn profile.

Rashad Ali is a counter-extremism consultant and former senior member of Hizb ut-Tahrir.[1]

Ali joined Hizb ut-Tahrir at 15.[2]

He studied at Markfield Institute and al-Azhar University, Cairo.[3]

Counter-radicalisation work

Ali was an early staff member at the Quilliam Foundation, serving as its curriculum manager in 2008.[4]

screenshot of Ali's Linkedin profile showing his affiliation with the ISD as of 11/10/16.

Since January 2009, he has worked at the counter-terrorist consultancy CENTRI.[3] The Institute for Strategic Dialogue also states on its website that he is their 'Resident Senior Fellow' [5] His own LinkedIn profile states he is a 'Fellow' at the Institute. [3]

In May 2015, the Telegraph's Andrew Gilligan described Ali as 'a leading figure in the Home Office’s Channel deradicalisation programme'. This description came in the context of criticism of Theresa May's Extremism Bill, of which Ali commented; '“The Government is obsessed with legislation but this is not something you can defeat by legislation. It is a battle of ideas and we have to defeat these ideas by argument, not by banning even having the debate.”[6]

Heckling Jeremy Corbyn at Stop the War conference 2016

screenshot of a Sun article describing the group's heckling at the Stop the War Coalition conference.

On October 8 2016, a group of protestors including Ali yelled at Jeremy Corbyn as he arrived at Stop the War coalition's conference in London to give a speech. They claimed they were angry at Corbyn's failure to call for regime change in Syria. Two women at the back initially started, saying: 'Jeremy Corbyn, where were you?' and 'Your silence is complicit'. They voices were drowned in chants supporting 'No more war', but the heckling resumed shortly afterwards when the Labour leader eventually started his speech. [7]

Although Ali's name was not cited in the articles reporting on the event, he appears in one of the photographs which seems to depict one of the hecklers.

Oz Katerji, one of the other protestors, said he had acted because Corbyn had 'deliberately marginalised Syrian voices'. He added: 'Jeremy Corbyn himself will never say the words "Assad must go". [...] He will never say there needs to be a transition in Syria out of the Syrian government's power [...] That is why we're protesting.' [8]



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