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Prospect (magazine) was launched by its former editor David Goodhart in October 1995. In June 2010 he became 'editor-at-large' and Bronwen Maddox from The Times took over as editor and chief executive. It is part of Prospect Publishing Limited.[1] [2] [3]

Intelligence contacts

David Goodhart admitted to journalist Solomon Hughes that he had met with intelligence officials a number of times:

John Scarlett Junior, son of MI6 boss John Scarlett, worked as an intern at Prospect in late 2007. Goodhart told me: ‘There was no connection with his father over his appointment.’ However, Goodhart said that ‘I did subsequently meet his father at a seminar and he thanked me for giving his son some useful experience.’
Goodhart also told me about ‘meeting security service people at a couple of seminars’ and ‘one dinner’. Goodhart downplayed these meetings with MI5 officials, but added, ‘Yes I support the security services, don't you?’[4]

Hassan Butt

Journalist Aatish Taseer interviewed the British jihadist Hassan Butt for a an article which appeared inthe August 2005 edition of Prospect.[5]

A second interview with Butt, by journalist Shiv Malik, appeared in Prospect in 2007.[6]

The number of mentions of Butt in Prospect prompted Solomon Hughes to wonder whether the magazine had been pointed to him by the security services:

editor Goodhart said that, ‘I did once hear that the services regard the Shiv Malik piece on 7/7 as essential reading inside the “security state”’ and added: ‘a Pentagon official once said the same.’
Goodhart went on to say: ‘if Hassan Butt has now been "exposed" as a liar and fantasist we were certainly not the only ones taken in – there was a big Newsnight interview - and big pieces in several nationals.’[7]


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As of 2010, it has a circulation of 30,400, which makes it apparently 'the fastest growing title of its kind'. [2] <ref name="Dowell">


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