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Help Guide

How do I do that?

Getting in touch

Information and resources for contributors

This page contains a list of things you can do to help improve Powerbase:

  • Priority profiles - pages that have been specifically noted as needing particular improvements.
  • Most Wanted pages - a list of the pages most commonly linked to, but which do not as yet exist. Why not try and start a new page by entering the title for a page on our Article Submission page.
  • Fix Double Redirects - This is where a page is redirected more than once and the system gets lost. To fix just click on the first of the three or more pages and change the name in the square brackets from the second in the list to the third, thus making a direct redirect!
  • Add a category to pages labelled with the category no category
  • Add a category to pages listed as being uncategorised.
  • Add these Unused categories to appropriate pages.
  • Edit these empty categories by adding a few words of description about them.
  • Fix Broken Redirects - this is pages which lists redirects to non-existent pages. Why not start one of the pages that don't yet exist?

These are articles that readers and editors have requested on Powerbase. Feel free to add a request to the list or, better yet, create one and then take it off the list!