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Political Communication and Persuasion was a journal founded by terrorologist Yonah Alexander in 1980. It was published by Crane Russak.

The journal is said to examine the roles of nongovernmental, intergovernmental, and governmental organisations as politcal communicators. The journal 'presents original research on propaganda and psychological warfare and on peacekeeping, peacemaking and peacebuilding assignments of political communicators.' [1]

Merger and new title

PC&P ceased to exist in 1994 when it was retitled Political Communication and the overtly ideological complexion of the editorial board was noticeably ended. The journal itself gives the following account:

Based on the recommendation of a joint publication committee chaired by Jarol B. Manheim (George Washington University), the Political Communication Divisions of ICA and APSA agreed in 1991 to co-sponsor a new journal, Political Communication. The new journal was to be published by Taylor & Francis Publishers and would replace the printing house's journal Political Communication and Persuasion. After negotiations with the publisher and the boards of both ICA and APSA, the new journal began publication as Political Communication (Volume 10) under the editorship of Doris Graber in 1994. Editorship of the journal rotates between the ICA and APSA Political Communication Divisions.


Circa 1991

Editor in Chief

Associate Editors

Editorial Board

Circa 1988

Editor in chief - Yonah Alexander[2]
Associate editors: Lawrence Z Freedman, Institute of Social and Behavioral Pathology | John Martin, University of Maryland
Board of editors:
International Editorial advisory board: Elie Abel, Standford University | Ray S Cline, US Global Strategy Council | Lord Chalfont, London | Phillips Davison, Columbia University | Oscar Handlin, Harvard University | Samuel P Huntingdon, Harvard University | Amos A Jordan, CSIS | Max Lerner, New York Post | Seymour Martin Lipset, Stanford University | Leonard H Marks, Washington DC | Maj Gen (Ret) Indar Jit Rikhye International Peace Academy | John P Roche, Tufts University | Helmut Sonnenfeldt, Brookings Institution | Dennis Warner, Australia | Don Wallace, Georgetown University | Ben J Wattenberg, American Enterprise Institute | George F Will, Maryland | General (Res.) Aharon Yariv, Tel Aviv


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