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Pharmacia Animal Health, part of Pharmacia Corporation


Pharmacia was founded in 1911 in Sweden. Starting in the 1980s, the company played an active role in the process of restructuring the pharmaceutical industry by acquiring or merging with a number of companies in Sweden and abroad. Thus KabiVitrum, Leo, Ferrosan and ACO became part of the Pharmacia Group, as did the Italian-based Farmitalia Carlo Erba, acquired in 1993.

  • 1995 merged with the American-based Upjohn
  • 1997 Pharmacia Biotech merges with Amersham Life Science; sale of Biotech in August and merger with Amersham Life Science.
  • 1998 Divestment programme in nutrition business; sale of Ortho businesses approved.
  • 1999 Merger with Sugen; 20% stake acquisition in Sensus Drug Development Corp; proposed sale of the company’s sweeteners and biogums businesses; divestiture of the Stoneville Pedigreed Seed Company; sale of the alignates business: failed merger with Delta & Pine Land Company.
  • 2000 European Commission confirms approval for merger with Monsanto Company: new company commences trading in April under the name Pharmacia Corp; agricultural operations of the former Monsanto Company placed into a subsidiary of Pharmacia with the name Monsanto Company; North American rights retrieved for Nicotrol; sale of the former Monsanto Nutrition and Consumer Products businesses.
  • 2002 Pfizer announces acquisition of Pharmacia Corp. [1]


Thomas Koestler Head of Regulatory Affairs


PR & Lobbying

In 2008, Pharmacia is listed as a past or current client of The Gorlin Group[4]


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