Peter Lyle Mackay, 4th Earl of Inchcape

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Kenneth Peter Lyle Mackay is the fourth Earl of Inchcape [1]. The Inchcape family has a longstanding connection with India. According to The Economic Times of India,

"The Inchcape family were early investors in jute through Nadia and Ganges Jute Mill, [and] initiated banking business in the sub-continent with HSBC and Stanchart. It rose to emerge as the second most powerful managing agency after the East India Company, [and the] Inchcape family also promoted Binny’s, Jenson & Nicholson, Garden Reach Workshop and Kilburn Engineering." [2]

The Guardian reports:

The family has a three per cent stake in the Inchcape Corporation - which over the past 18 months has sold off several business divisions, from bottling plants in Chile to global shipping services, to concentrate on its core motor business - trading in 30 countries. The sell-offs raised £600m, but the transition to global vehicle distributor was complete when Inchcape paid just £6m for a stake in Autobytel.Europe and took its car business online. [3]

In July 2005 the current Earl revived his family's connection with India by joining the board of Assam Oil & Natural Gas [4] [5]

The current Earl of Inchape is president of the Asia-Pacific Foundation.