Paul Martin (ex-MI5)

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Paul Martin was head of Public Affairs at MI5 from 1996 to 2000.[1]

Martin was a lecturer in behaviouralism at Cambridge University, prior to joining MI5 in 1988.[1]

The Guardian reported that Martin undertook the full range of M15 work, including fieldwork mainly in the Middle East, but did not serve in Northern Ireland:

Under his direction, M15 crept into the light, if not quite the world of open government: setting up a website, announcing a phone number, and putting more of its old files in the public record office. Mr Martin also encouraged the director general, Stephen Lander, to hold discreet lunchtime briefings at M15's headquarters, accompanied by copious amounts of white wines from the Loire valley.[1]

His work also involved attempting to suppress the revelations of dissident former MI5 officer David Shayler.[1]

In 2000, Martin was appointed as the director of communications at the Cabinet Office.[1]


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