Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West

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A promotional image for Obsession

Obsession is an anti-islamic film featuring interviews with a selection of 'counter-terror' activists, including controversial figures such as Daniel Pipes, Steven Emerson and UK operative Glen Jenvey. The film was reissued by The Clarion Fund, a front for the ultra-Zionist Aish HaTorah in 2008 to coincide with the presidential elections to exploit the right-wing hysteria about US president Barack Obama's alleged Muslim roots.

Zionist provenance

An Interpress Service investigation revealed that:

A group of hard-line United States neo-conservatives and former Israeli diplomats, among others, are behind the mass distribution, ahead of the November US presidential election, of a controversial DVD that critics have denounced as Islamophobic. The group, the Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET), is working with another organization called the Clarion Fund, which produced the 60-minute video and is itself tied closely to an Israeli organization called Aish Hatorah. [1]

Other zionist groups including Honest Reporting[2] supporting John McCain in his campaign for president in 2008 were involved in mass distribution reportedly of 28 million copies of the film in swing states.[3]


According to an InterPress Service report:

Critics allege that the movie Obsession is "hate propaganda" which paints Muslims as violent extremists and, among other things, explicitly compares the threat posed by radical Islam to that of Nazi Germany in the 1930s.
At least two major metropolitan newspapers solicited to insert the paid advertisement into their product have refused to do so because of a perceived bias in the film.
"Despite the perilous state of American newspapers, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch advertising department took an ethical stand and refused to distribute the DVD of a film that for two years has troubled American Muslims," wrote Tim Townsend, a reporter at Missouri's most influential newspaper earlier this month after it rejected the ad. [4]

Republican campaign materials

In September 2008, groups connected or sympathetic to the Republican campaign to elect John McCain initiated a mass distribution of Obsession in key US swing states. A strong islamophobic message and "terrorist" fear mongering are the key message spread. On 13 September 2008 Erik Ose reported:

This week, 28 million copies of a right-wing, terror propaganda DVD are being mailed and bundled in newspaper deliveries to voters in swing states. The 60-minute DVDs, titled Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West, are landing on doorsteps in a campaign coinciding with the 7th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks. Funding is coming from a New York-based group called the Clarion Fund, a shadowy outfit whose financial backers are unclear.
Here in North Carolina, another battleground state that John McCain must win to reach 270 electoral votes, 160,000 copies of the DVD are to be distributed tomorrow by the state's leading newspaper. The Raleigh News & Observer reported yesterday on its Under The Dome politics blog that the paper is preparing to bundle copies of the DVD with this Saturday's newspapers. Jim McClure, vice president of display advertising for the N&O, said the "ultimate decision" to distribute the DVDs had been made by publisher Orage Quarles, and compared the propaganda to harmless household samples.[5]

New York Times spokesperson Diane McNulty told Inter Press Services that the paper had distributed about 145,000 copies of the DVD in American editions of the paper, and that it had been classified as opinion advertising.[6]

Featured speakers and "experts"

Nonie Darwish Alan M. Dershowitz Steven Emerson
Brigitte Gabriel Martin John Gilbert Martin Gilbert
Caroline Glick Alfons Heck Glen Jenvey
John Loftus Salim Mansur Itamar Marcus
Khaleel Mohammed Daniel Pipes Tashbih Sayyed
Walid Shoebat Khaled Abu Toameh Robert Wistrich
John Loftus




Contact, Resources, Notes


The film is also promoted at http://www.radicalislam.org

External Resources


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