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Nicholas Le Quesne Herbert (born 7 April 1963), known as Nick Herbert, is the Conservative Member of Parliament for Arundel and South Downs and is currently Shadow Justice Secretary.

Herbert went to Haileybury boarding schools in Hertfordshire. He graduated from Magdalene College, Cambridge in 1985 with a BA in law and land economy. From 1990 he worked at the British Field Sports Society where he was director 1992-96. [1]

At the Society he played a leading role in setting up the Countryside Movement, which became the Countryside Alliance. [2]

In 1997 he stood as Conservative candidate in Berwick-upon-Tweed but was not elected.[3]

Between 1998 and 2000 he was Chief Executive of Business for Sterling where he founded the No Campaign.

In 2001 he worked on David Davis’s leadership bid with Andrew Halenby with whom he set up the neo-liberal think-tank Reform in 2002.[4]




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