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Mocoh Energy is primarily an oil company, working at all levels of the exploration, refining and supply chain in Europe, Middle East, Africa, the Former Soviet Union, and the Indian Ocean Islands. They are also involved in mining and metals [1]. They have taken big contracts with governments, parastatels and other major oil companies.

ANC links and Iraq scandals

In 2005 an article in Business Watch reported links between Mocoh and South African ruling party, the ANC, through two South African companies - Lembede the investment arm of the ANC, and Mvela Holdings.[2]

Mocoh Energy was also an unsuccessful bidder to supply condensate to PetroSA, the South African oil company who's advance payment to successful bidder Imvume was used to make a large donation to the ANC as part of the Oilgate scandal.

Mocoh, with partners Mvela also received about 2 million barrels of Iraqi oil under the UN-administered oil-for-food programme, during which Mocoh was accused along with Imvume of paying illegal surcharges into Iraqi State bank accounts, instead of to the UN. [3] Mvela claims their involvement with Mocoh was above board.

Mocoh's relations with both Mvela and Lembede ceased in 2005, possibly following bad publicity on these links, though Mvela exec, and South African government minister Tokyo Sexwale was still listed as Mocoh's chairman when the article was published. [4]



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