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Mikhailov & Partners (M&P) was founded in 1995 and describes itself as 'one of the leading audit and consulting groups in Russia', it 'serves all types of businesses, assists enterprises in raising capital, and provides guidance to foreign investors wishing to take advantage of favorable business opportunities in Russia'[1].

M&P practices are reported to include[2]...

  • Corporate Communications Practice - corporate and marketing communications strategies, information campaigns, media relations, coalition building, crisis management, reputation management and corporate materials development and production.
  • Financial Communications Practice - investor relations, reputation and communication audit, crisis management, communications strategies for financial audiences, reputation management services.
  • Social Communications Practice - 'communications campaigns for government organizations, ministries and different federal programs in order to raise public awareness and loyalty'.


Mikhailov and Partners are listed as a partner of Public Relations Organisation International (PROI). In their website, PROI report the following clients of Mikhailov & Partners[3]...


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