Lucy Powell

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Lucy Powell

Lucy Powell is the Labour Party MP for Manchester Central. [1]

Powell was elected in a by-election on November 15th 2012 and is the first female Labour MP to represent a Manchester constituency. [2] In the 2015 general election Powell retained her seat with a majority of 21,639. [3]

She is also the shadow minister for the Cabinet Office and vice chair of Labour's general election campaign. [4] As of September 2015, Powell now serves as the Shadow minister for Education following Jeremy Corbyn's extensive reshuffle.


Before going into politics, Powell led a major investment project in Manchester for NESTA, the UK’s innovation agency. As leader of this project, she worked with local businesses and other partners to support start-ups and creative companies in and around the region.

After this, she pursued a career in politics and went on to make her mark when she caught Ed Miliband, the Labour party leader's attention while working on the 1997 general election campaign at Labour’s Millbank headquarters.

Immigration Document Leaked

In December 2014 Powell approved a controversial document advising Labour MPs not to engage with voters on the subject of immigration. The document that was leaked was a 33-page paper entitled ‘Campaigning against Ukip’ which advised Labour candidates to focus on “moving the conversation on” from immigration if it were raised by voters. [5]

The approval of this document bought Powell under significant scrutiny amongst fellow Labour Party members, with some frontbenchers said to be "incandescent" with rage. Many party members believed that it 'threatened to undermine Ed Miliband's attempts to claim Labour was getting tough on immigration.' [6]


Powell studied chemistry at University of Oxford and King’s College London. [2]


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