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LM network resources
Liz Frayn in 2008

Liz Frayn is associated with the libertarian and anti-environmental LM network, having written for Living Marxism and Spiked, [1] participated in Institute of Ideas events[2] and collaborated on a book with Ellie Lee.[3]

Lee, a lecturer in social policy at the University of Kent and Co-ordinator of the Pro Choice Forum,[4] in turn collaborated with Frank Furedi on research which she said showed that "a process of cultural transmission has turned provision of health information about the benefits of breastfeeding into a campaign against formula use".[5]

Dr Liz Frayn qualified at the University of Glasgow Medical School and has practiced (sic) in England and Australia.[6] In 2005, she was a Senior House Officer in Psychiatry, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust.[7]



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