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Kreab Gavin Anderson, London office; Scandinavian House, 2-6 Cannon Street, London EC4M 6XJ (opposite St Paul's Cathedral)

Owned by the giant Omnicom Group [1], Kreab is a large public relations and lobbying company with offices in Europe, Asia-Pacific and the US.[2] It shortened its name from Kreab Gavin Anderson in 2015.[3]

Involvement in education industry

Peje Emilsson, founder, chairman and majority shareholder of Kreab Gavin Anderson, is also founder of Kunskapsskolan, a Swedish group of for-profit private schools.[4]

In the UK Kunskapsskolan sponsors three academies through the Learning Schools Trust. Kreab director Calle Emilsson is a Sponsor Director of the Learning Schools Trust.

It also operates schools in India.

Kunskapsskolan schools promise to offer students a 'personalised education'. Much of the learning at its schools in Sweden is done alone by students, using an online system, with one-on-one guidance from teachers once a week, interspersed with lectures in classes of up to 60 students.[5] They have been criticised for falling standards and for cutting teaching costs.

Kunskapsskolan International was a client of Kreab Gavin Anderson. Lobbying clients of the firm that are also involved in pushing for reform of education systems that benefit corporate interests include: Google's Brussels office.


As of 2014:[6]


Executive Board


  • Joanna Moss, Senior Advisor, London, with 20 years experience of financial communications, working in Spain, France and the UK. Previously worked for Goldman Sachs, Spanish State Holding company Teneo/Infovest and Spanish bank BBVA (as Director of international institutional relations), her IPO experience includes Argentaria 1,2 and 3, Endesa, Telefonica Moviles, Belgacom, JC Decaux, Azeo, Corporacion Dermoestetica, Probitas Pharma (roadshow), Renta 4 (roadshow). [8] Worked for KGA at least until 2012.[9]

Former people

  • Richard Constant, President & CEO (based in London). Is not Non Executive Board Member at Living PlanIT SA, Senior Partner at Richard Constant Consulting, Chairman of the Board at Bara Kali Limited and Vice Chairman Global at Inc.[10]
  • Lord Peter Truscott, the ex-Labour MEP and former Energy minister, listed in 2008/09 that he was a consultant to Gavin Anderson.[11] Truscott was suspended from the House of Lords in May 2009 after they were found guilty of offering to change the law in return for money.[12]
  • Kate Hill, Partner, London. "Specialises in energy, industry and natural resources, having spent seven years with Royal Dutch Shell. She currently advises a wide range of traditional and clean energy clients on all aspects of communications and also has considerable experience of working with Russia-based companies in the energy and financial sectors.[13] Joined Avincis as PR / Communications Director in November 2012.[14]
  • Andrew Silverman, Partner, London. Responsible for public policy and regulatory affairs. Prior to joining the company he worked at senior level in government and the private sector. His career included media roles within the UK government in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Ministry of Defence, Department of Transport and the Home Office. He was Private Secretary to the Minister without Portfolio, Peter Mandelson[15] between 1997 and 1998 then worked as a member of the Strategic Communication Unit at No. 10 Downing Street.[16] Ex-Brunswick.[17] Is now director of public affairs at Lansons.[18]
  • Joost Mulder, Associate Director. Was hired as Head of Public Affairs at Finance Watch in October 2011.[19]
  • Ken Cronin, head of the energy group. Former director of investor relations for British Energy[20][21] until he moved on to head the UKOOG from February 2013
  • Angelo Cardani, Senior Advisor, Brussels - Former Deputy Head of Cabinet for European Commissioner Mario Monti, in charge of Internal Market, Financial Services, Taxation and Competition. Is now president of Autorità Garante delle Comunicazioni, an Italian communications firm.[22]


UK Registrar of consultant lobbyists 2015-16

The register of consultant lobbyists documents those clients on behalf of whom KGA has lobbied government ministers, and the firms listings since 2015 are as follows:

January - March 2015

IG Groups | Mastercard | Mitsui | Scania | Statnett

April - June 2015

Ffrees | IG Group | Mastercard | Mitsui | Scania | Statnett

July - September 2015

IG Group | Mastercard | Mitsui | Scania | European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation | European Jewish Congress

October - December 2015

IG Group | Mastercard | Mitsui | Scania | European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation | European Jewish Congress [23]

January - March 2016

IG Group | Mastercard | Mitsui | The European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation | The European Jewish Congress [24]

April - June 2016

IG Group | Mastercard | Mitsui | The European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation | The European Jewish Congress [25]

Past UK nuclear clients

Nuclear clients include AMEC and British Energy while it was still Government-owned.[26][27]

EU clients 2011

EU lobbying clients, as of December 2011:[28]


London office: Scandinavian House, 2-6 Cannon Street, London EC4M 6XJ


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