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Keith Teare is a protege of Frank Furedi and is associated with the LM network. Teare has written of his time at the University of Kent, 'I got a double first on an essay I wrote for Frank Furedi, who became a kind of mentor. We still keep in touch.' This seriously understates the relationship. Teare, under the name Keith Tompson, became a leading member of the RCP and in the 1980s headed the RCP front organisation Workers Against Racism.

In the mid-90s, with the RCP heading more and more in its new pro-technology, pro-enterprise direction, Teare helped set up a series of internet business ventures, including Cyberia, Easynet, and Cscape. These were mostly headed by and employed other RCP-ers. Teare then went on to become a Silicon Valley tycoon, enjoying a roller coaster romp through the boom years of the new economy bubble.

During the Microsoft anti-trust trial Teare made a spirited defence of Microsoft and the American way of life - a line that was also peddled in LM. That, however, was before Microsoft pulled the plug on Teare's company, plunging it into liquidation. Since then some have accused Teare of playing the victim. His views on Microsoft certainly appear to have changed radically:

'We believe that Microsoft's investments should be seen for their positive impact not as a sign of monopolistic hidden agendas.' Keith Teare, June 7 2000

'Microsoft killed a whole market. It is a poor business decision made by souless people who clearly have the arrogance that comes from absolute power.' Keith Teare, June 4 2002

In Teare's extraordinary journey there seems to be a kind of metaphor for what happened to the RCP.

Teare's biographical notes now read a little differently:

Keith is the CEO and founder of edgeio corporation is a silicon valley startup focused on building an online classified advertising network. edgeio has about 6000 listings advertisers submitting listings that appear on and over 1000 additional publisher web sites.
Mr. Teare was the founder of RealNames, a Palo Alto based company specializing in Internet navigation and search technologies; co-founder of The EasyNet Group, a leading pan-European broadband supplier to businesses; co-founder of CYBERIA, the worlds first Internet Cafe and founder of cScape, a UK based systems integration specialist dating back to 1983. Mr. Teare is an advisor to SnapNames; Spotplex; Snipperoo; AboutUs.Org and Real Time.
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