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Kate Marshall as 'General Secretary' of the RCP in The next step, November 1984, p. 23

Kate Marshall was reportedly a pseudonym adopted by Katherine Barlow when writing for the publications of the Revolutionary Communist Tendency and Revolutionary Communist Party of which she was a leading member. According to sources quoted by leftist blogger Charlie Pottins she later became known as Kate Davies:

An ex-RCP comrade who did not get rid of his working class affinities to rise with the leaders remembers that Kate Davies did use to go by the name Kate Marshall, "though her actual name was Barlow, and she married a chap called John Davies, who was in the RCP. ...She became the General Secretary when the group decided to have such a position, but she drifted away from the RCP sometime in the mid-1980s, as far as I know out of politics altogether, as did her other half".[1]


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