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Julia Middleton is the chief executive and co-founder of Common Purpose, a leadership development organisation. [1]


Middleton was born in London and educated at French Lycees in the UK, France and the US. She worked for the Industrial Society after receiving an economics degree from the London School of Economics. She is married and has five children. [2]

Common Purpose was formed in 1988. Her husband, Rupert Middleton went on a business course in USA where he spotted Community Leadership Programmes. Julia Middleton raised half a million in business sponsorship. According to Charles Handy, in 1999 Common Purpose had 120 paid staff with a turnover of £3million sterling. Julia's father worked for Peat Marwick and she had met Rupert, John Garnett, Julia Cleverdon at the Industrial Society.[3]

CP's website has impressive sources of funding. There are a few rants about the organisation online (mostly centring around Middleton's proximity to the Office of the Deputy PM (ODPM) and the political patronage thereof. [4] Middleton has herself criticised political patronage.[5]

Middleton is well networked in the New Labour, Careerist, Atlanticist networks.


Middleton's biography states she has helped to found the following organisations:

Middleton is also on the Advisory Group of the Oxford Business School.

Contact and Resources

Book: Middleton, J. (2007)Beyond Authority: Leadership in a Changing World, Palgrave Macmillan
Blog: Julia Middleton's Thoughts on Leadership at: http://juliamiddleton.net/


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